100 UK Phrases in 100 Days: Muckers, Chinwags, and Todgers

Ever wanted to join in on the slang used in England? Read on to cash in on your London street cred with 100 UK phrases I’ve heard used in the past 100 days of living here.

Happy 100 days to me!!!

Woe is me, as I’ve been taking a massive break from the social scene to tap into the real world and clock in some hours at my 9 to 5. All is well, and I’m still wandering, though I’ll admit it’s more to Nando’s than to the London Heathrow Airport.

I cannot believe I’ve had a UK postcode for now ONE HUNDRED DAYS! In my time being here, I’ve learned quite a bit like getting in the car on the left hand side as a passenger, counting out coins properly at the supermarket, and playing human tetris on the tube every morning and evening to and from work.

^This IS a real photo…

BUT – what has kept me daily jaw dropping is the use of words here. I don’t think I’ve noticed how many words there are other than cool and awesome (yes, my fellow Americans that is a nod to our language use).

Seriously though, the amount of times my neck has gotten whiplash when conversing to ask “WHAT did you just say?!”, astounds me.


I began a note on my phone that initially began as a way to ask my boyfriend to explain certain phrases I’d heard, and then that list grew so large that it quickly became a competition against the clock to hear 100 UK phrases in 100 days to share with everyone across the pond!

These were past the 100 mark, but absolutely worth being included so here’s a sneak peak to the mega list! Ah and cockney is a whole ‘nother language to figure out…

So here we go, for your knowledge, and entertainment.

100 UK Phrases in 100 Days:

  1. Caught the sun – got tanned
  2. Butter wouldn’t melt – innocent
  3. Sloping shoulders – flaky
  4. Cheek and jowl – really close
  5. Running around like blue-assed flies – running around like maniacs
  6. Throw their toys out the pram – throwing a temper tantrum
  7. Mucker – mate
  8. Done and dusted – finished
  9. Gobsmacked – shocked
  10. Brekkie – breakfast
  11. Having a mare at the moment – having/going through a nightmare
  12. Waiting with bated breath – anxiously waiting
  13. Slating – insulting
  14. Slagging off – insulting
  15. Donkeys years – forever
  16. Pear shaped – gone wrong
  17. Tits up – gone wrong
  18. Radio silence – gone MIA
  19. Push the boat out – take it to the next level
  20. Bollox – BS
  21. Sod’s law – typical
  22. Sod – shit
  23. Right cold fish – snobby
  24. Right to the bone – close call
  25. Between you, me, and the gatepost – in my opinion
  26. Tickety-boo – just right
  27. Gordon Bennet – dangit
  28. Palava – fiasco
  29. Carry on – fiasco
  30. Fill your boots – knock yourself out
  31. Eat frogs – do the biggest task first (usually the worst)
  32. Take the piss out of – make fun of
  33. Shoot off – gotta go
  34. Long in the tooth – a bit old fashioned, tired
  35. Camp – flamboyant
  36. Scratch your eyes out – angry, frustrated
  37. Cloak and dagger – secretive
  38. Stodgy – dense, heavy, filling
  39. Cutting my nose off to spite my face – self destructive overreaction to a problem
  40. Dogs dinner – looking good
  41. Dogs breakfast – looking bad
  42. Pillock – dickhead
  43. About as useful as a chocolate teapot – useless
  44. Pull your finger out – get to it, stop procrastinating
  45. Doesn’t know his arse from his elbow – idiot
  46. Topped and tailed – starts and finishes
  47. Hell for leather – really going for it, putting in a lot of effort
  48. Brucie bonus – bonus
  49. Turned round on a sixpence – change your mind quickly
  50. Pay some lip service – tell them what they wanna hear
  51. Couldn’t stop a pig in a ginnel – bow legged person
  52. (He’s) well canny-like – nice guy
  53. Yerjokinarnya – you’re joking aren’t you (courtesy of Yorkshire)
  54. A proper swear down – a promise
  55. Proper nithered ere mate, it’s baltic today – I’m really cold my friend, it’s cold today
  56. Warm your cockles – warming your body up
  57. Giz a croggy – give me a ride on your handlebars
  58. Its proper tanking down – it’s raining really hard
  59. (He’s) sound as a pound – good fellow
  60. Get up the dicky dancers – get up the stairs
  61. Come ere, yer little get – come here you little rascal
  62. Gone busking – playing music for money on the street
  63. Gets my goat – gets on my nerves
  64. Trunky want a bun – nosy individual
  65. Piss on our chips – rain on our parade
  66. Its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey – it’s cold AF
  67. Stop fannying about – stop messing around
  68. Oi oi savaloy – yo
  69. You alright – whats up
  70. Bit of fluff – your partner, bf, gf
  71. Ave it – having a good time
  72. I’ll give you a bunch of fives – punch you in the face
  73. Bloomin eck – bloody hell
  74. Nineteen to the dozen – she talks fast
  75. She’s a picnic short of a sandwich – she’s not very clever
  76. Spend a penny – going for a wee
  77. Curtain twitcher – nosy person
  78. Nosey parker – nosy person
  79. Pucker – awesome
  80. Stop being such a big girls blouse – stop being such a wimp
  81. He’s such an anorak – he’s such a geek
  82. Wind up merchant – a tease
  83. Chinwag – gossip
  84. Face like a bulldog chewing a wasp – ugly
  85. Burst sofa – overweight
  86. You can’t polish a turd – nothing will save it from being shit
  87. Bobs your uncle fannys your aunt – there you go
  88. Gobby – loudly opinionated
  89. Having a butchers – having a look
  90. Bottle of plonk – bottle of wine
  91. Gotta see a man about a dog – ditch out
  92. Shirty – ill-tempered
  93. Todger – dick
  94. He’s a bobby dazzler – he cleans up nice
  95. You’re cack-anded – you’re clumsy
  96. Ee by gum – OMG
  97. Fair to middling – doing alright
  98. Put wood inth ole – put wood in the door (shut the door)
  99. Bladdered – drunk
  100. Theerz nowt as queer as folk – there’s nothing as strange as people

And ain’t that a fact!

That’s a WRAP!

Every bit that I’ve loved hearing in these phrases, has been equally returned by my American colloquialisms I’ve used, now if only I had written those down!

I’m sure there’s more to come, but in the meantime I hope you’ve enjoyed this cheat sheet of 100 UK Phrases – let me know what your favorites are, or if there’s one (or a million!) I’ve missed.

Where are you wandering?

For new news, there are a few trips in the near future planned (YAY!) so hopefully your feed will once again be lit up with even more travels than you already see from all the other wanderers in this wonderful world!

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