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Ten Reasons You Need to Go to Fort Lauderdale

So I’m finally settled in the U.K. and am starting my new adventures! Like… grocery shopping via Uber and at a Sainsbury’s instead of a Publix. On my way back from the grocery store back to our apartment, I was told I didn’t sound American(?). No, I haven’t converted to a British accent and nor do I even have the slightest twang (Billy reassured me of that -_-) but given the comment, I felt the need to have a kumbaya ASAP with…


Top Travel Bloggers’ Picks: The Tallahassee Bucket List

I’m moving zip codes after 6 years of living in Tallahassee, 4 as a student, and 2 as a young professional. This small town has been such a safe haven, filled with some truly unforgettable people and memories, but we’re nearing the 72-hour mark to pack it up and move on out! T-minus 19 days until my zip code becomes a postcode, and I make my way across the pond. It’s only fair that my bittersweet goodbye to this town capitalizes on…


The Big Apple

Get it while it’s hot! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to show my boyfriend around New York City. One of the best places on earth. I’ve been a couple of times before, but he hadn’t so it was a TON of fun showing him around. One of my friends from London recently reached out and asked if I had any suggestions of places to go, I don’t think she expected a full itinerary! Every time I go out of town, either my boyfriend…

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